Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thought for the day

The beauty of grace is that it causes sin to loose it's appeal.

There is an argument that stands as many people believe that preaching the pure Gospel (which is a proclaimation of radical grace) will cause people to take this 'license to sin' and run wild sinning with every chance they get like enraged convicts after a prison break. Taking this view however, only serves to show that people who are skeptical of Grace in this way, have simply not had a spiritual revelation of the true Gospel and how vast, incredible and almost 'too good to be true it is.' I've heard it said many times before "be careful of that grace message, you don't want to have too much grace now, come on, have a balance." This I'm afraid will not do. Grace isn't a dangerous doctrine, Grace is my saviour, best friend and most intimate companion, Grace is Jesus. 
The beauty of grace is that is doesn't empower sin, quite the contrary, a true revelation of grace causes sin to completely loose it's appeal like a piece of chewing gum that has lost it's flavour. That's the beauty of grace. It is not the answer to sin, but the cure for it. 
Oh Lord that we would know the unfathomable depths of your grace towards us and the wide open fields of freedom we have in you!

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