Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where is the love?

Today the Lord has been speaking to me about “love.” He showed me that the reason this world is so “loveless” at times, and the reason we often don’t show, express or give love to each other is because we don’t have any to give. You cannot give what you don’t have (or what you don’t know you have.) However, this lack of love is actually rooted in deception, not knowing the Great Love with which the Lord loves us and gave himself up for us. When we know, by personal supernatural experience, the love of God, an automatic response to that is an overflow of love from our life into the lives of those that surround us.
Not only do we as humans lack the ability to redeem ourselves unto eternal life, but we lack the ability to truly love with a supernatural, Godly love. We need him to redeem us, and we even reply on him in order to love. Human nature can do no good and holy thing apart from him who enables us. We no longer need to strive and manufacture love, but sit under the waterfall of his great love every day and let ourselves effortless change in His presence, becoming like him as we behold him and gaze upon him.
Ah! What a freeing revelation.
I want to spend time in the secret place asking to really know his love on a deep, intimate level, not just for my sake, but for the sake of everyone around me that needs a touch of heaven’s love.
“Keep company with him and learn a life of love.” – Ephesians 5 (MSG)

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