Monday, August 22, 2011

Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.

Yesterday I had the honor of preaching at my home church (Real Life Church) as it was my second last Sunday before I migrate north and start a new life in Redding, California.
The theme of my message was the Luke 6:45 text that says "Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." I felt in the spirit not to prepare a hectic 5-point preach, but to rather allow my heart to spill out and it's contents encourage my spiritual 'family.' 

I shared some personal testimonies of the season that I have been through over the past few months, and although one of the toughest in my life thus far, definitely one of the most spiritually enriched. 
I also shared with my church some prophetic visions I have had for them as a corporate body.
It was such a beautiful morning, and having a heart-to-heart 'conversation' with all those wonderful people was such a blessing to me.
There is nothing that I would rather do than rave about the unending goodness of God in my life. As I was standing up there, I felt as though this is something I was created to do. 
I believe that this is just the first of many opportunities that I will get to preach and proclaim the good news, and I want nothing more than to allow what is in my heart to daily overflow into the heart's of others. 

After I spoke, my pastor felt to call up everone that is under 20 (due to the fact that I am under 20 myself) and stand proxy for the coming generation. I was able to release the Kingdom of God over many of the young ones in our church, and impart to them what I have been carrying in my heart, and what the Lord has placed within me. The yound children and teenagers were incredibly touched as the Holy Spirit came upon them. I love the fact that there is no junior Holy Spirit, but children get to experience the fullness of God just as we do. I am excited beyond words to see this radical generation of lovers rise up. I feel they will be a generation that know the voice of God above every other voice and every move they make will be a prophetic statement of the Kindgom. We live in exciting times, and being a part of what God is doing across the planet is the highest honor. 

As I will be leaving for the USA soon, many of the members of the church came and laid hands on me and we had a bit of a prophecy-a-thon at the front of the church. Everyone shared visions and words that they had for me, as well as just loved and honored me. The presence of the Kingdom was at hand and hung thick in the room. I have never felt such genuine love and honor anywhere outside of the church, and to me, this is what church is all about. It is far beyond schedules, meetings and programmes, and the core of what church should be founded upon is love, honor, encouragement and edification, and the genuine representation of these things do not originate in the earth's atmosphere but are substances of the eternal realm that collide with this realm. 

So I am off to Bethel in T-minus 10 days where I'll be enrolling in the School of Supernatural Ministry. If you are interested in Bethel and would like to know more of what goes on within the Supernatural School, I will be blogging regularly from Redding and keeping friends and family in the loop via this blog. I have added a sidebar link on the right-hand side of my blog called 'Bethel Notes,' and if you click this link it will take you through to all the Bethel related posts. 

Exciting times. Exciting seasons. 

Bliss and blessings,

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