Monday, January 16, 2012

He is wonder-full

Taking a step back and thinking to myself "how can life be this good" has become a daily occurrence since living in Redding and being a part of the Bethel community.
Last night, this was especially true as I stood under a cloud of God's manifest glory with eyes full of tears and a heart full of child-like awe.

I was sitting in the overflow room at Bethel worshipping and adoring the love of my life and I had a vision of God, but all I could see were whirlwinds of colour surrounding him. This was a high energy vision with lots of sound (that I could hear with my 'spiritual ears' only); sounds of thunder and swirling winds, and the image seemed to be rapidly changing and evolving although I couldn't quite make out any distinct images amidst the blur of colour.

I then had a vision of Bethel church as it stands upon the hill, and I saw it as being a supernatural airport. There was much spiritual activity surrounding the building and a wide open heaven over it's entire area. There were heavenly beings and substances ascending and descending and it were as if the membrane between heaven and earth was nonexistent.

I was then 'awakened' from this vision by the sounds of cheering coming from the sanctuary. I knew in my spirit that the glory cloud was here again, and so it was.
Without thinking twice, I rushed into the sanctuary and began to sob as the overwhelming peace and manifest presence of God filled the room.
I looked above me and saw what can only be explained as a blizzard of a gold glitter-like substance hanging thick in the air. This 'cloud' was seemingly alive and active, it was moving, growing and swirling. As we began to sing out "Our Father in Heaven" the glittery mass increased as if positively responding to the praise of the people.

Why He chooses to reveal himself in this way is beyond human reason, but what I do know is that there was not a being in the building that wasn't captivated and awestruck with the wonder of God.

I felt Him say to me that we need to expect the tangible, physical manifestations of His Glory and Goodness if we have any hope of revealing him to the world. The days of empty words are done. Now is the time of undeniable invasions of heaven, whereby experiences trump arguments and analytical reasoning. I also felt the two words "glory" and "power" and that we are in the days of God's glory and power being realized by our generation unlike any successive generations that have gone before us.

The membrane between heaven and earth is thinner than ever and to be alive and part of an army of radical lovers of God at such a time as this is the highest honor.
2012 is the year of heaven meets earth, and His will being done in the here and the now.
I get chills down my spine at the revelation of His goodness and how he delights in revealing his glorious self to the eyes, hearts and minds of his bride.

And do you know what the best part is? This is only the beginning. Glory to Glory is our inheritance. Heaven on earth our reality. His presence our continual companion.
It is a joy to be alive and truly living.

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  1. Oh Jess, I'm so stoked with what you've written and so wish that I could literally take a few years off my life and come and soak in what you're experiencing. It's encouraging to me, because He's so good, if He's done it for Bethel, He'll do it for us. He who is Heaven was Opened Up on the Tree, past tense, Oh we live to see Heaven now Invade Earth. Send my love to those I know, love you deeply.