Sunday, January 30, 2011

Book Review: A Culture of Honor by Danny Silk

I started reading a Culture of Honor last week, and from the first page, I could not put the book down. What usually would take me a few days, I read in under 24 hours because it was just such a revelation.
Judging by the title, I thought that the book was just going to be another guide on "how to honor people in the church" and so on, but in fact it was not what I expected in the slightest.
The author, Danny Silk of Bethel Churth in Redding California wrote this book about what the folks at Bethel have termed 'A Cuture of Honor' which is basically a supernatural environment that they have cultivated and which they try and sustain in their church and operate within.
Bethel church is known for its supernatural occurances that range from healings and creative miracles to dreams and visions, however the reson that they are experiencing such a high level of supernatural activity is because of the Culture of Honor that has been established.
In this book, Danny speaks of how a removal of control in the church and an increase in love, freedom and grace is infact what provides a platform for the supernatural to operate freely within the church. He speaks of how heavenly mindedness is so key in the body today and how the Lord is restoring Heaven and The Kingdom of God to its rightful place in the church and in the minds of believers, who are called to place the agenda of heaven at the forefront of their thinking.
He goes into detail about the specific roles of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers etc (fivefold ministry), according to chapter 4:11 of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. This section of the book really set me free as I came into the revelation that we are each given our own gifting with our own calling and we cannot try and take on the calling of another person because it seems more noble than ours; we are each given a grace and an ability to operate in a certain field of church ministry that God has appointed to us.
Danny speaks also of how through much of the history of the church and still today, the role of the pastor or evangelist etc, is placed at a higher level than it was designed to, and as a result the roles of the apostle and prophet who are called to bring heaven agenda's to Earth, have taken a back seat, and thus the people have become the focus of the church rather than the kingdom of God. No wonder there is so little of the breaking forth of the supernatural realm in most churches today.
Perhaps the reason that I enjoyed this book so much was the fact that every single sentence carried the sweet fragrance of God's grace. Never once was it condemning, harsh or legalistic, but it was just dripping with grace and love. The tone of the book comes from a heart that is passionately in love with God and his people and it can be felt when you turn each page. A beautiful piece of writing by Danny Silk, and a must read for anyone and everyone that loves the Lord and is desperate to see his Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

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