Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hebrews 10 - Barnes

Barnes Commentary on Hebrews 10:1
For the law having a shadow - That is, the whole of the Mosaic economy was a shadow; for
so the word “Law” is often used. The word “shadow” here refers to a rough outline of
anything, a mere sketch, such as a carpenter draws with a piece of chalk, or such as an artist
delineates when he is about to make a picture. He sketches an outline of the object which he
designs to draw, which has “some” resemblance to it, but is not the “very image;” for it is not
yet complete. The words rendered “the very image” refer to a painting or statue which is
finished, where every part is an exact representation of the original. The “good things to
come” here refer to the future blessings which would be conferred on man by the gospel. The
idea is, that under the ancient sacrifices there was an imperfect representation; a dim outline
of the blessings which the gospel would impart to people. They were a typical
representation; they were not such that it could be pretended that they would answer the
purpose of the things themselves which they were to represent, and would make those who
offered them perfect. Such a rude outline; such a mere sketch, or imperfect delineation, could
no more answer the purpose of saving the soul than the rough sketch which an architect
makes would answer the purpose of a house, or than the first outline which a painter draws
would answer the purpose of a perfect and finished portrait. All that could be done by either
would be to convey some distant and obscure idea of what the house or the picture might be,
and this was all that was done by the Law of Moses.

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