Monday, March 12, 2012

A letter from my love

A letter from Him, to me and you, and those still to come...

Beloved. Beautiful. Child of Glory,

I love you. I don't just love you with my whole heart, but my entire being pulsates with the consuming flame of love. You are the target of all my affections. The apple of my eye; my creation in which I take pride and delight. I want to put you on display so that all the world will know me and see my beauty as you so effortlessly reflect it.
When I created you, I had my pleasure in mind. I intricately fashioned every facet of your being so that it would bring intoxicating delight to me and leave me captivated at each glance. I formed your inner being as the castle in which I would delight in dwelling, and now that you have opened the door to my knocking I get to rest and abide within you for eternity, a place that is beautifully fit for a King.
Just as you opened your door to me, so I first opened mine unto you. I became the doorway through which you walked, a new and living way. My flesh the torn curtain unveiling your heavenly father and his courts. Do come and join us in celebrating life eternal. We've sent out the invitations; the Gospel, the Word and even the song of creation. Don't get dressed up, and with the invitation in hand, think you've arrived at the party. Come my love, come up here. Feast with us. We've prepared always a table before you, a spread of heaven's delicacies, with the body and blood being the main course. All it requires to find the way is faith. Faith in truth beyond facts. In transcendent realities beyond temporal ones.
Do you trust me? Do you? Believe and trust. Rest and abide, and I will take you where you could never access alone. I will show you a whole new world and open your eyes to perspectives that will alter the way you see even the most ordinary things. The mundane will become the glorious if you'll only allow me to take you there. Quit trying. I tried on your behalf, and do you know the best part? I succeeded for you, already. Through me you are already a conquerer. You've already won and have the trophy of salvation in your arms yet you haven't finished the race. Oh, don't try and figure out my kingdom using earthly ways and knowledge, over here in this country, we do things a little differently.
Cheerfully come before the throne with no projections and you will start to really see the true order of life. It is yours for the taking. I have stored up an eternal supply of joy, bliss, peace, rest, presence, encounters and wisdom for you, and there is nothing that can be done to stop me from pouring these out upon you. They have your name on them, they've been reserved just for you!
The joy it brings me to do life with you is beyond what words on a page could hold. Everything you do is laced with glory. I gave you the gift of me, and it's as if you give this gift back to me every time I see myself in you. We can't keep our eyes from you. Even the angels can't help but gather in your presence for it astounds them how alike we look. It barely matters what you do, it's all beautiful to me. You carry just as much of me when you are sleeping or daydreaming as when you are praying or preaching. It's immaterial what you do; being you is your greatest gift to me. It doesn't matter where you go, just as long as we are together. Oh, if only you knew the way you look through my eyes. The way you make me feel when you wake up in the morning and the way my heart burns within me you you look my way. Don't take your eyes off of me, gaze upon me, see into my heart. See my will for you and the world. I have not hidden it away in a locked chamber, but openly display it that you may know this love of mine like you know the world is round.
Don't let them tell you you're just a dreamer. Don't let them pull you down to earth. It is not too good to be true. If your mind can fathom my goodness and the richness of my love, then you have not yet known it fully. It goes beyond mental comprehension, so throw your analysis to the wind and set your spirit free to soar in the thermals of me. I won't let you down. Disappointment is not in heaven's vocabulary. There is no hope too great for me, no dream that I am below. So get busy dreaming, I can't wait for you to see all the places I've planned for us to go.
Run into me. These wings were made to cover you. Sit beneath my shade, let my countenance quicken you. Revive you. Keep always the let-downs of the world in your rear-view mirror and continue to accelerate into the wide open spaces of my dreams for you. If ever the fog of condemnation clouds your view of me, just open the nearest window of my finished work, and you will see me again in the place I've always been. Right before you. Eye to eye. Nose to nose. I cancelled every definition of distance as I breathed my last breath upon that tree, and do you know what, I'd do it again if that's what was required to bring you close to me. As my spirit clung to my weakened body, all that could occupy my mind were flashes of our future union together. I endured it all for intimacy. Death was better than a life apart from you.

Can you see it? Can you see my love more clearly now? Oh, my dear, this is only the sweet beginning.
Come up here. Come away. I've got so much more to tell you than any words could say.

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  1. Hi Jessica.

    Wow wow wow... Your blog is incredible. Thanks for being vulnerable, brave and honest.

    Its a pleasure sharing the journey. .