Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Harvest church visit

On Sunday night, I visited Harvest church and the prophet Julian Adams was there to minister. The highlight of my night was the incredible time of worship that we had. The weighty glory of God fell in the place, and I don’t think there was a person in the room that couldn’t sense the tangible presence of the Lord. Worship continued for so long that I lost complete track of time, and there is nothing I love more than losing myself in praise as I get caught up in the presence of the one I love.
During this blissful time of worship, I had a vision of an army. This was unlike any army I have seen before, and each member of the army was joined to one another, so that it resembled one unit rather than hundreds of thousands of individual parts as a normal army would. I felt the Lord say to me that this was an army of worship warriors who have worship as their weapons of warfare. This army was worshipping, yet there was no music being played. They were singing songs of praise to the Lord in complete harmony with each other, and it seemed as though it was just one voice, yet this ‘one voice’ was made up of many thousands of individual voices. This army was focused and their gaze was glued to the one they were worshipping; the King of Glory. Not an eye was wandering, but all were fixed on him. I felt as though the Lord show me that this army’s power lay in two things. Firstly, it’s unity, and secondly, it’s worship. I feel that the Lord is calling the body into a greater degree of unity of the spirit, where we realise that we are not separate entities, but we are parts of a whole. He is also calling us to live and dwell in the place of worship. When the battles come, worship. When the storms blow, praise him. When you feel at your lowest, sing songs to the Lord, and your praise will strengthen you in your spirit.

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