Monday, May 16, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

The heart of a father is something incredible to behold. The heart of the Father God, is something that wrecks me every time I encounter it. It is amazing beyond words.
For the past while, God has been revealing to me aspects of his heart as the father of many nations, tribes and tongues. He is a good and perfect dad, and knows how to give the most incredible gifts to his kids. Gifts of love, goodness, provision, acceptance and the gift of family. God designed family. Family was his idea. It is not an earthly concept, but originates in heaven based on the blueprint of the heavenly family (Ephesians 3:15). The entire book of Ephesians paints a beautiful picture of this idea of ‘family’ and with words like father, son, household, inheritance and heirs, we see that God has designed us to be members of his family, with him being our amazing father. This book shows that we are not islands or one-man bands, alone and misunderstood, but are members of the most loving, close-knit family in all creation; the family of God.
There is an orphan spirit at work in the world, but as believers in Jesus, we have been adopted into this heavenly family. It’s a rags to riches story, and we have been taken from nothing, and not only made into ‘something,’ but made into kings and co-heirs with Christ, with a great and glorious inheritance. He has clothed us with robes of righteousness, seated us with him in the heavenly places, and invited us to be members of his household and feast at the banqueting table of his goodness. So let me ask you, who’s you daddy? I know who mine is!

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