Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Papa Bear

One of the revelations the Lord keeps on bringing me back to is 'the father heart of God.' I can't seem to steer away from it, and to be honest, I never want to. Not ever.

Whilst reading the old testament lately, I've noticed how almost always, the people {God's people} always referred to themselves as servants and never sons. They would cry out "Oh Lord, have mercy on your servant" and there was a definite servant/master relationship between God and his people for that was the only title they were worthy to take on. This understanding puts into perspective why Jesus caused such a stir when he went around claiming to be the son of God and referring to the Lord Almighty as 'Abba' {a.k.a Papa bear or daddy}. Nobody ever elevated themselves {or should I say "been elevated"} to such a high position in relation to the Holy God. Some called him blasphemous, others cut straight to it and called him satan, while a small few caught a glimpse of something bigger than they'd ever been given the liberty to enter into; sonship.
Jesus knew his identity as a son which was spoken over him at his baptism in the Jordan river, and he carried this knowledge with him that empowered him and fueled his ministry. Jesus showed the world a facet of God that had never before been revealed, and then through his death and resurrection {and our death and resurrection alongside him}, made this same father/son relationship available between us and the Lord God. The old covenant says we are slaves, justified by our works under the law, and paid accordingly. The new covenant under which we live as followers of Jesus, says we are sons {and daughters in my case}, justified by our royal birth and made heirs of a glorious inheritance because of our daddy's goodness. We are invited to partake in the heavenly household just as sons and daughters do in the house of their father. He has set out a banqueting table before us and calls us unto himself so we can feast to our heart's content. Papa bear wants us to know him as a dad, and what a good dad he is. He has been inviting me to sit on his lap, lean into his chest and hear the rhythm of his heartbeat. The more my heart hears the beat of his, the more it begins to pulse to the very same rhythm.

What a day we are living in! Being alive in the father is as fun as it's ever been, and I am splashing around in the pool of his love, goodness and acceptance. Do join.

To end off, a guy that I met at Jubilee church in Sydney, Simon Mason, tweeted a really profound statement this week and I thought I'd share it because it really sums up what God has been revealing to me in terms of being a son {daughter} in his house.

"Until you approach the father as a son, you'll only ever receive the inheritance of a servant" 
- Simon Mason

(Profound isn't it?)

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