Thursday, February 17, 2011

He's got my number

As if I didn't know it already, last night the Lord powerfully reminded me that "He's got my number."
A bunch of people from our church got together last night for an evening of baptisms (both water and spirit). We sat under an incredible teaching of what it means to be baptised according to the scriptures, and whilst we sat and chatted, I could feel the sweet presence of Holy Spirit wafting around the room, and an atmosphere of peace, expectancy and excitement began to accumulate.
Afterwards, we baptised a man from our church that had never before been baptised in water, and much like what happened to Jesus in the river Jordan, when he came up out of the pool, the presence and power of God fell upon him, Holy Spirit rested upon him and his body began to manifest in a testimony to that. It was mind-blowing to watch somebody get baptised, then have that followed by a Holy Spirit baptism instantly after coming up out of the water. Our God is an amazing, powerful God who loves to lavish his sweet presence on all his children. Yay God!

We then had a time of ministry and we all prayed and prophesied over one another speaking life and words of encouragement and edification into each other's lives. This is what the body of Christ was designed to do!
A sharply prophetic woman then came and laid hands on me and began to fire off prophecies that were scarily accurate and also definite confirmations of words than have been spoken over me throughout the course of my life.
I began to laugh and shake as she "read my mail," and the overwhelming hand of the Lord came upon me.
The gift of the prophetic is such a blessing to the life of the church. It brings such encouragement, hope and excitement for the present and future as we are reminded that God's plans and thoughts towards us far outnumber the grains of sand on the seashore, and they are all thoughts and plans for our welfare. As I was hearing the words spoken, I felt a faith begin to rise in my heart and the breath of God came and breathed life onto his promises that I had forgotten. As he powerfully reminded me of my calling and destiny that lies hidden with him, I was awed once again at the vastness of our God and his love for me.
My mind is still reeling with the goodness of the Lord, and I have jotted down all the prophetic words, and am going to graft them in to my prayer life and continue to pray and speak the life of God into these promises, and I cannot wait to see them come to pass.
Excited is an understatement.
The God of the universe knows us, loves us, and calls us by name and I will never be able to get past the sheer awesomeness of this truth!

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